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Locations Awards

Where Glamour meets Glamour !
The Locations Awards are an Extension of the Locations Exhibition Conference, The World's First Film Tourism Event based on the Concept " Films are Catalyst to Tourism “ Locations Awards is where TWO Most Glamorous Industries – CINEMA & TOURISM Come together to pay a Tribute andCelebrate the symbiotic of the Efforts of International Bodies like Tourism Boards, Film Commissions and Line Production companies and the Response of the Indian Filmmaker to make the Effort.

It’s a Night to Loosen you Tie, To shake your Leg with the GLAMOURATI of the Mumbai ( Bollywood ) Industry and Legends of Tourism , The Who’s Who of the Consulates and Embassies to be able to meet Glamorous Other Parts and Conduct Informal Business Meets over Piped Music and Drinks.

Locations Awards - Is An Opportunity - which can help Connect your Destination beyond the B2B of Locations Exhibition Conference to a B2C Platform with a Reach of over a MILLION Potential its an Event Considered as a Major Eve in the Mumbai Bollywood Calendar and is widely Covered by Media, Including Leading dailies like Times of India and Hindustan Times.

Locations Awards are the Only Awards in the World Designed in Bow glass !

Locations Awards Categories

Best (Aesthetic) Presentation of a Foreign Destination in an Indian Film.

Best Production Value in an Indian Film Shot on Foreign Destination.

Best Action Designed in an Indian Film Shot on Foreign Destination.

Best (Aesthetic) Song Picturisation by an Indian Film Shot on Foreign Destination.

Best Package by a Foreign Destination to Promote Indian Film shoots - Film Commissions.

Best Promoted (International) Destination to Indian Filmmakers - Tourism Boards.

Maximum Mileage to a Foreign Destination in an Indian film.

Maximum Indian Films Shot in a Single Foreign Destination in a Year. Tourism Board / Film Commission / Line Producer.

Dr.sc. Amelia Tomašević - Dir Zagreb Tourism

Spain Trade Commission

Christiane Raab & Ashutosh Gowariker

Sajjid Khan - Director

Kabir Khan - Director

Vinod Talwar - BSK Productions

17th Annual Edition April 2019.
Mumbai. India